AOT Advanced Team

AOT, leading the ATV world in high-quality, professional grade offroad gear.

At AOT, our combined riding/hunting experience as well as our technical education and knowledge allows our team to bring you the highest quality engineered products available.  With this level of devotion to quality products, willingness to stand behind our products, and experience in product design and engineering, we can bring you to a level of comfort not seen in any other product.

The Story

      Jason’s best friend and hunting partner is in a wheel chair. They met in college and while in college Jason got Don interested in four wheeling. This opened a whole new world up to Don and for years they went quad camping almost every weekend. As both their families grew, their quads became more and more packed with gear. Not only was this a safety concern but more and more critical gear was needing to be left behind. A great idea, lets pull trailers? Don purchased several different trailers and it became very apparent that there were significant shortcomings with current trailer designs. Poor suspension, weak axles, low ground clearance, too wide, hitch limitations, etc… to such a degree that several trailers had to be left behind because they just could not even be drug out of the woods and had to be retrieved by other means. This led Jason to his first trailer design (the X-0?). This trailer has not been included in the x-series however it is still used to this day, some twenty years later, with no repairs or damage. And yes, very abused as you see in our videos.

            Shortly after getting into quad'ing Don decided to try his hand at hunting. This evolution into hunting occurred during the same evolution in trailer designs and needs. Hunting highly influenced the design of the trailer. Because Jason has bad hips and Don no hips, a significant need for special tools to aid in the hunting experience was needed. Methods of recovery, a trailer strong enough to haul elk, means of dressing out large game, accessories, etc… became demands on the next evolution in trailer design. The ability to accessorize depending on the demands on your gear (hunting, wood, camping, etc...) became very important. And to the success of two determined and ingenuitive men, it has been very apparent when you add up more than twenty elk pulled out over twenty years and not one of them needing to be quartered and carried. These trailers have been an extremely critical tool in their hunting success.

So, after twenty years of design, trials, abuse, determination, efforts, testing, and success Jason and his team have brought you the most well designed pack trailer money can buy. This is backed with confidence supported in a lifetime warranty.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Jason Johnson

    Jason is a founding member of AOT. Jason is a degreed engineer from the University of Idaho with degrees in Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering. Jason holds more than a dozen patents.  Jason grew up racing dirt bikes and four wheelers. This experience brings a strong foundation of understanding the challenges of high performance demands offroading brings. As well Jason has been an avid Big Game hunter and has used these trailers for years while perfecting and developing the trailer and accessory designs.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Maryanne

     Marianne has twenty plus years of manufacturing and business management experience.  Marianne has 30 years of working and operating a family farm and retail gift shop. Her experience makes her uniquely qualified to look at the product from a manufacturing aspect, to bring the best quality to the customer.  She is lucky to have been patiently taught to have courage to do and try anything. Her experience with her husband Rich and Jason out on quads taking on a difficulty 9 trail (asking if that's a nine what is a 10?) and seeing where the 1st series of trailer could go and what it could do made her ask - when can I have one....the rest is history.

Stunt Coordinator, Michael Johnson

    Michael grew up around fourwheelers and has an eye for doing the crazy!  He loves to push the limits of the trailer and the ATV. Michael has spent the last six years helping his Dad build these trailers and has been by his side since the beginning.  Michael just loves getting out to see what these trailers are capable of, loves the outdoors, loves hunting, and just plain loves hanging out with his Dad. This young man has likely inadvertantly though the trust he has in his Dad's designs, put these trailers through more than any other person will ever put these trailers through.