AOT Hunting Seasons

AOT Hunting Theology and Image Warning

At AOT we are avid hunters. We all share the fact that we HATE to kill but we thank God for every take our AOT family is able to put in our freezers. We fully respect those who choose not to eat meet. We respect those who choose not to hunt. At AOT, we love to eat a good old American icon...the hamburger or a thick juicy steak. As such we recognize the fact that an animal gave its life for this food. We all grow to learn about our "socialized" meet processing and the horrible disrespect for the life that is taken. Because of this our family has taken on a journey of providing for itself and out of respect, taking on this task that puts this meat on our table. This lack of reliance on socialized meat processing and the blind lack of respect for the meat it provides has taught us the deserved respect for the life we have taken and to not take for granted that even a trip to the fast food burger joint involves this same act. We do not revel in the gore, we do not hunt for the sport or the point score, we take great respect in the sustenance that the animal and God has provided for us. Thank you for your respect of this journey and please understand that some of the pictures that we post on this page may be offensive to some viewers.

AOT does not hunt private land. These are not mocked images of farm raised animals that are "easy" takes. AOT works hard to test and prove the reliability and success of our products. If you would like to learn more please send us an email or call for details. For those basic questions...We hunt North Idaho in the "Big Bull" region of the "Monster Bull Ridge" near "No Go'm Peak" in the "No Tell'm Mountain Range". ;)

You will see a lot of pictures of our trailer in use. We hunt a unique piece of land that gives us "some" access to the hunting area via ATV's. We DO NOT hunt off our machines but rather use them to get to our hunting areas and then if we have game down, retrieve them. We have several marked trails through the hunting ground we hunt but hardly ever get used. We are VERY gentle on the environment and do not tear up the ground. In over twenty years of hunting we have retrieved somewhere around thirty elk and not once quartered for packing. That's right, every elk pulled out whole. Over the last five to six years we have also not gutted in the field. This keeps the wolves and coyotes out of the hunting area. My kids have learned the art of bullet placement but have not refined the art of where the game drops so, we have had "some" long retrievals. However, most elk retrievals I've had are under an hour with a few less than 30 min. It doesn't get much better than to be sitting in camp and have your friends return from a long hunt to find a monster bull hanging from the game hoist, sitting in a lawn chair sipping a whiskey, enjoying the fact that "you" just did "that" all on your own. With this ability to retrieve game so quickly and easily we have coined the phrase, "Bullet to Whiskey in Under an Hour!" ...and no, we don't drink and hunt.