2016 "The Highs and the Lows!"

This Season AOT experienced great hunting. However, the season title comes from the back side of that coin. We had to have one truck towed off the mountain because of a bad transmission, one truck flipped over upside down in the ditch (everyone safe), worked for a whole day on another truck, medical challenges, issues with neighboring hunters, broken gear, and rain rain rain and more rain. The rain made for an amazing hunting season even though the moon was "fully" against us. We received over 4 inches of rain over the two week hunting season! It was a challenge trying to keep dry but it made for some great hunting and the game was almost always on the move. Our trailers were instrumental in our efforts to put meat on the table. As seen in the pics we retrieved all of our game with our AOT trailers. We tested new gear to GREAT success. Our new game hoist ("The Scorpion") designed for large game performed flawlessly and made it possible to hang and process one of the largest elk AOT Elk Camp has ever harvested. To be able to hang an elk that pushed toward the 1500lb monster class was beyond fantastic.

Total game for this year: 1-6x6 Herd Bull Elk, 1-6x6 Satellite Bull, 1-6x6 160+ White tail, 3-Mule deer, and 2-Whitetail.