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"As Rugged as the Environment you Work and Play in!"

Advanced Offroad Trailer has engineered and designed the most capable pack and hunting trailer for your ATV or UTV. Advanced Offroad Trailer has developed the most advanced off road trailer technology can develop. Advanced Off Road Trailer, Trailer pulled behind an ATV, Trailer to be pulled behind a UTV, ATV Trailer, UTV Trailer, Small trailer, Jumping Trailer, jumping jack, boskki, Pakrat, pack rat, pak rat, ABI, small wood trailer, swing arm suspension, air suspension, sway bar, articulating hitch, adjustable tongue,  advanced offroad trailer, Advanced Off-Road Trailer, advancedoffroadtrailer, All-Terrain Vehicle, Army Trailer, ATV, ATV Accessories, ATV Jump, Bear hoist, Bug Out, Bugout, Bugout Trailer, Camping Trailer, Can-Am, Compact Trailer, Crane, Crazy Jump, Deer Hoist, Dump Trailer, Elk Hoist, Emergency Preparedness, EMS Trailer, Farm Trailer, Flying Trailer, Game Hoist, Game Winch, Grizzly, Grizzly Jump, Hoist, High performance trailer, , Performance trailer, bad ass trailer, Hunting Gear, Hunting Trailer, Jump, Jump Trailer, Log, Logging, Logging Trailer, Military Trailer, Offroad, Military ATV trailer, military UTV trailer, Tactical ATV trailer, Tactical UTV trailer, attack trailer, ATV attack Trailer, Tactical Razor trailer, tactical MRZR trailer, Military UTV trailer, Razor Trailer, MRZR trailer, LTATV trailer, military razor trailer, roof top tent trailer, ATV roof top tent, UTV roof top tent, RZR roof top tent, Off-road, Pack Trailer, Polaris, Quad Accessories, Quad Jump, Side by Side, Skis, Snowmobile, Stunt Trailer, Timber Trailer, Tracks, Trailer, Trailer rollover, Trailer Testing, Trailers, Utility Trailer, UTV, UTV Accessories, Wagon, Winch, Wood Trailer, Work Trailer, Yamaha, ATV Wagon, Quad

"Advanced Engineering plus over 30 Accessories!"

Roof Top Tent Trailer ATV UTV
Roof Top Tent Trailer ATV UTV
Ground effects for a trailer. LED
AOT Trailer on skis, add skis
Elk retrieval with trailer
Retreive large game with a trailer
Fire Wood trailer
Elk Camp wood trailer
Stack'm and Rack'm hunting trailer
Advanced Camping trailer gear hauler
River Crossing with trailer
Deep Water with trailer
Fire Wood to Camp with trailer
Around the Camp with trailers

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Lifetime Warranty!

Price Guarantee!

Lifetime Warranty!

Price Guarantee!

Many Patent Protected designs

Advanced Offroad Trailer has incorporated the latest technology and advanced engineering into the most flexible and reliable Professional Guide Series Pack Trailers and accessories that you can buy. Our trailers are designed to go ANYWHERE you take your ATV or UTV with a fully articulating hitch adding a measure of capability and safety.


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