AOT has developed the most advanced offroad trailer hitch you can buy!

Weld Hitch
Bolt Hitch

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     -This hitch fits over a standard Reese or Curt 2 inch ball. This means that the hitch will fit on your truck, atv, car, etc... and you can still pull all your other trailers when not pulling this advanced offroad trailer.

     -Offers full vertical up capability.

     -Offers full vertical down capability. The only limit is the locking pin which engages the gimbal arm to make it just shy of full vertical down.

     -Full side to side turning mobility with a small sweeping profile of the hitch mechanism. This small sweeping profile allows this hitch to be connected to machines with small ball clearances.

     -Full 360 degrees of rotation. This is not only an offroad necessity but a safety feature. This fully articulating hitch allows the trailer to do whatever it needs to do and not take the tow vehicle with it. See below for safety explanation and video.

     -Greasable Polyurethane Bushings reduce harsh pounding from the trailer (Shock loads and harsh fatigue loads) into the tow vehicle. When traveling off road it is extremely important to dampen the very harsh fatigue causing forces from bumps and other road hazards. AOT staff have experienced on many occasions the tow vehicles attachments failing do to these severe forces.  Since the invention of this hitch they have not experienced any hitch failures.


     While pulling a trailer off road it is extremely important to be able to do so safely. You are leaving the zones of fast emergency response and medical care could be very limited. This is why you want a trailer that will not take you with it if things go wrong. The off road hitch does just that. The AOT patent protected hitch helps protect you from a roll over. The trailer can roll independent of the tow vehicle allowing the tow vehicle to maintain control. The video below was a designed test of this feature. Please do not try this on your own as the driver is highly trained. Keep in mind this may not encompass all possible reactions of an out of control trailer and proper trailer towing must always be your first consideration.  This trailer was improperly set up and a rock was used to "trip" the trailer into a roll event. The air pressure was maxed out on the inside shock and tire to make it very stiff and bouncy reducing its ability to absorb the rocks energy.