Advanced Offroad Pack Trailers

"AOT has developed the most advanced offroad trailer you can buy!"


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Lifetime Warranty!

Lifetime Warranty!

Pack Trailers (ATV and UTV)
This Pack Trailer comes in two sizes. Noted as ATV and UTV. The UTV version is slightly larger. However, every other attribute of the trailers are identical. including the load capacity. The advantage of the ATV size is that it fits within restricted road width's. The advantage of the UTV size is that you can fit more camping gear in it.
Lifetime Warranty
     We are so confident in the durability of our trailers we give you a lifetime warranty. Please see our policy page for further details. No other trailer manufacturer can or will offer the confidence in their product enough to offer this kind of warranty.
     -Fully Powder Coated for long life and protection from the elements.
      -Come with VIN codes and ready for highway registration.
     -Independent suspension allows this trailer to take on any terrain and not hinder the performance of your tow vehicle.
     -Long travel suspension takes on extreme terrain with ease.
     -Air adjustable shocks allows for the adjustment of spring rate depending on the size of load in the trailer. It is very important for the performance of the trailer to have the spring rate properly adjusted for a specific load.
     -Anti-Sway Bar helps keep the trailer stable while cornering and operating on side hills.
     -Forward Receiver allows for a multitude of accessories to be attached.
     -Rear Receiver allows for a multitude of accessories to be attached, give the ability to piggy back trailers, and allows for a tow point for vehicle retrieval.
     -Multipurpose accessories allow you to do more with your trailer than any other trailer on the market.
     -Removable trailer tongue allows for easy shipping as well as reduces storage space.
     -Fully articulating hitch allows your trailer to track behind you anywhere you go.
     -Heavy duty aluminum trailer rims not only look good but give significant reliability.
     -Highway rated tires able to be loaded to the designed loads as well as operate at higher speeds.
     -Two tier polyurethane bushings absorb shock loads and vibrations protecting your tow vehicle from these harsh loading conditions.
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