Why buy an AOT?

AOT has developed the most advanced trailer you can buy. When comparing our trailer to others keep the below list of specifications and attributes in mind. Our trailers come standard with a long list of high performance features  not seen in any other trailer, such as:


     -Off-road Hitch (AOT has patented its own high performance off road hitch, a VITAL necessity when used for even the most modest off road travel. Our hitch fits a standard 2 inch ball, very unique to our hitch. Our Hitch has a very small turn radius around the ball allowing for attachment to any ATV with a 2 inch ball.  AOT will NOT sell a trailer without an off road hitch.)

     -Adjustable Hitch Height (AOT knows the rake of your trailer is important to its performance and look. AOT has integrated the ability to adjust the height of the hitch to accommodate any kind of machine.)

     -Removable Hitch and Breakdown ability (The AOT draw bar is removable. The suspension is removable. All parts fit into the bed of the AOT and give you the ability to ship or transport in a fairly small package. See shipping dimensions below for details.)

     -High Performance Air Suspension (It can't get much better than a 1500 lb payload capacity supported by 9 inches of travel on independent suspension, air adjustable load capability, and an anti sway bar. Really, who has ever heard of that kind of performance in a trailer?)

     -Rugged LED Lighting (AOT knows the lighting system will be abused in your severe work and play environments. All wire and air tubing has been integrated into the frame of the trailer leaving only the electrical connection to the machine exposed. AOT uses abrasion resistant SO (rubber coated) cord for its wiring to protect against abrasion/vibration damage. AOT uses low profile protected LED lights for the taillights. AOT gives you the ability to stow un-needed excess wire connection lead into the draw bar, keeping the excess from hanging up on brush and other obstacles.)


     -Powdercoated (Full powdercoating offers the most advanced ability to protect your AOT from the elements.)

     -Multiple Tie-down points (AOT has integrated over twenty tie down points around the trailer because we know how important it is to tie your gear down to insure it gets to where you need it.)


     -Lifetime Warranty (AOT has such confidence in the engineering and design that has gone into this trailer that it offers a full lifetime warranty, see the warranty policy for details.)

     -Highway rated (AOT caters to off road use but also delivers a trailer has the ability to be registered for on road use. Load your ATV or UTV in your truck and pull your AOT behind your truck.)

     -Extra heavy duty axles, rims, and tires (Trailer rated alloy rims on 3500lb axles (each side) wrapped by 7 ply tires give you the ability to traverse the most abusive terrain as well as run on the highway.)

     -Over 20 available accessories (Our business model allows you to invest in a strong foundation (the AOT) supported by a lifetime warranty so you can continue to customize your AOT to fit your demanding life.)

     -Made in the USA (Made and designed in the USA with "good ole American Ingenuity"! This is not your cheap made in china garden trailer!)

     -Free shipping (This is up to a $600 value to our customers and we are proud to have challenged our delivery logistics teams to be able to offer this great benefit.)

If you were to add these standard features to our nearest competitors trailer price it would add up to a cost of well over $5000. Combined with performance and features not comparable to any other trailer and you get a value like no other. And AOT stands behind that commitment.  The following chart is a comparison against AOT's closest competitors. The better comparison would be to compare the AOT against the jeep market where trailers like the CVT trailer ($6800) or the Backwoods "Rugged and Ready" ($5900) are closer comparisons. And even those trailers do not include some of the features an AOT has. Please feel free to call us with any questions, Thank you.