ATV X2 Guide Series Offroad Trailer (60" x 34-3/8" Deck)

ATV X2 Guide Series Offroad Trailer (60" x 34-3/8" Deck)

Professional Guide Series ATV Pack Trailer. ATV trailers from AOT are the most technologically advanced offroad trailers you can buy. These trailers incorporate the latest technology and advanced engineering to give you the most flexible and reliable pack trailer you can buy.

(We know the price looks high, we are not here to sell you cheap Chinese made ATV wagons or garden trailers. These pack trailers are of the highest quality and we stand behind them 100%! The value of the hitch is over $500, high quality load/highway rated tires and rims over $500, fully welded, highly engineered, free shipping, lifetime trailers...there is no trailer on the market that can back there equipment like we can! US Pride!)

    60" x 34-3/8" deck, independent air adjustable shocks, approx. 8" of travel, sway bar, approx. 22"-24" clearance, offroad Gimbal hitch, highway and load rated tires, LED trailer lights


    This product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We know that we give you the most advanced products you can buy, so if you aren't happy, we aren't happy. Go to our policy page and follow the instructions for giving us feedback and returning the product if necessary.


    Overall Size: Width (50") Length (102") Height (37")

    Shipping: Weight (350 lbs) Width (50") Length (62.5") Height (13")

  • Price Guarantee

    If you find another production trailer with the same features listed for an AOT, we will match that price, guaranteed.

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