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AOT Cooks Thanksgiving Dinner! Huckleberry Style

We like to experiment every now and then. This has led to some pretty amazing the AOT trailers. Another is our huckleberry steak recipe. Here is how we do it!

Start by retrieving your elk with an Advanced Offroad Trailer.

Remove backstraps. Cut into 1" - 1.5" thick steaks...

Lay out steaks while you mix your marinade. It doesn't take much to get the flavor so don't feel like you need to use an entire jug of honey. I use a huckleberry honey but if you have huckleberries regular honey works fine. If you don't have huckleberries I like to use a tomato vinaigrette. Huckleberries offer a good balance of sweet and bitter. I used about a half cup of honey. About a half cup of huckleberries. And about two tablespoons of Worcester. Mix all together and heat in microwave for about 30 secs. This thins the honey so it soaks into the meat better. I like to soak the meat before I put the bacon on, but this is just preference.

Once the steak has some marinade on it, wrap them in bacon. The bacon doesn't just add tasty goodness. It helps keep a very tender meat from thinning out, keeps the moisture in the meat, and adds a salty taste. And did I mention it adds a tasty goodness? I ALWAYS use three toothpicks. Not more, not less. Then I announce to everyone at the dinner table that there are three toothpicks in every steak. That way one is not missed and accidentally eaten. Let the steak stand before cooking, but do not add salts yet.

Pour any extra marinade over the steaks. Top it off with a garlic salt season of your liking (add the salt just before cooking). Grill; I start with my grill on high to sear in the juices. I turn the grill down a bit around two minutes into the cook I cook for four minutes then turn. Cook another four minutes then flip. Cook another four minutes and turn. Cook another four minutes then remove. When I turn, I move the steaks around to help balance hot spots; turn 60-90 degs. This general rule adds up to a 12 minute cook. This may be to much or to little depending on your grill, so some experience with your grill is important.

Turkeys were not served at the first Thanksgiving dinner. When I heard this I started cooking deer and elk for Thanksgiving. Deer and Elk are very low fat meets, and when cooked like this are just straight amazing!!!

We add all the normal Thanksgiving side dishes. Yams, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, pie.... "The, the, the, that's all folks!"

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